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DECO: Prof. Angus Chu publishes an article forthcoming in “Journal of Development Economics”
May 13 | Fri

Prof. Angus Chu, Head of the department of Economics, FSS publishes an article of "Agricultural Revolution and Industri ...

DGPA: An article by Prof. Daina Chiba’s research team published in Political Science Research and Methods
May 12 | Thu

Daina Chiba, an associate professor in the Department of Government and Public Administration, Faculty of Social Scienc ...

Textbook: “Introduction to Advanced Macroeconomics” published
Oct 19 | Tue

在當前宏觀經濟學教材體系中,中級和高級宏觀經濟學教材之間存在脫節,前者缺乏微觀基礎,而後者使用過多的數學,導致學生在學習高級宏觀經濟學的過程中時常感到困難,難以理解數學公式背後的經濟學直覺。大多數中級宏觀經濟學教材以凱恩斯主義宏觀經濟學的 ...

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