Welcome to Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS)!

Social sciences are among the most exciting and rewarding subjects to study at University of Macau. You may not know that “Social Sciences” was one of the oldest undergraduate degree programmes offered by UM at its founding years. Social changes and human behavior are fascinating and complex for everyone to discern and understand. Studying social sciences would help you to make good sense of profound social phenomenon and human behavior. It would help you nurture critical thinking and social inquiry, which is important for your future career and personal development, no matter what professional path you choose.

FSS has following five departments: Department of Communication; Department of Economics; Department of Government & Public Administration; Department of Psychology; and Department of Sociology. These five departments offer a wide range of Ph.D., Masters and undergraduate programmes in the study of communication (including creative media, journalism and mass communication, public communication), economics, government and public administration (including political science, public administration, and European studies), psychology and sociology (including criminology and criminal justice). We have a superb team of dedicated teachers and administrative staff who stand ready to help you with an excellent education and a well-rounded learning experience.

The development of the social sciences discipline at UM has always been closely related to the changes and developments in the Macao society. Macao has undergone significant social developments since 1999. Macao is a vibrant modern metropolis with a unique heritage of “East meeting West”. Against this social background, UM positions itself a university “rooted in Macao, integrating with the Greater Bay, serving the country, and geared towards the world”. To achieve this mission, the Faculty of Social Sciences is committed to cultivating innovative and socially responsible students who possess a sense of national identity and a global perspective for Macao, China, and the world. Training high-calibre talents with responsible citizenship is our noble mission. Our faculty is located at the heart of the UM campus. We warmly welcome you to visit and explore the exciting academic and research opportunities we provide. We look forward to having you to be part of our programmes.

Professor Richard W. Hu
Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences