Conferences 2018/2019

CommunicationAustralasian Institute for Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis (AIEMCA) Conference: Investigating Methods and Methodologies27 - 29 November 2018

Conferences 2017/2018

Sociology2nd International Conference on Social Stratification, Demographic Transition and Health11-12 Nov 2017
IGPAU.S-China relations after Trump’s visit and 19th Party Congress19-20 Nov 2017
CCHCThe Second Conference of Chinese Traditional Culture and Education in Bay Area: The Purpose, Planning and Challenge(第二屆大灣區中華傳統文化教育座談會)25-28 Nov 2017
CCHC中國文化史學術研討會27-29 Nov 2017
SociologyThe 'Belt and Road Initiative' Anti-Drug Policy Summit27 Nov - 02 Dec 2017
FSSWorkshop of the South China Sea and China-US Relations5-6 Dec 2017
Gov’t & Public AdministrationEurope and Asia at Crossroads: New Leadership, Big challenges, and Future of Global Order11-12 Dec 2017
Gov’t & Public AdministrationNorth Korea nuclear crisis: is the end game in sight?16-19 Dec 2017
Gov’t & Public Administration /IGPAInternational Workshop: A Mid-term Assessment of Xi Jinping Diplomacy21-22 Dec 2017
HistoryImagined Communities: Links between China’s Past, Present, and Future30-31 May 2018
IGPANorth Korean denuclearization: Is there a light in the end of the tunnel03-04 July 2018