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Two secondary schools visit FSS
Jul 15 | Thu

嘉諾撒聖心英文中學及聖若瑟教區中學第五校(中文部)升高三師生共120人早前到澳門大學社會科學學院創意媒體實驗室參觀,了解學院最先進的多媒體設備。同學們既十分留心聽取我們的講解,又對設備的使用表示好奇。 創意媒體實驗室其實是傳播系課程中主要 ...

University of Macau Economics Conference 2021: Contemporary Issues in Macroeconomics and Microeconomics
Jul 15 | Thu

Description: This conference brings together eight world-renowned economists to present their recent work in macroecono ...

UM’s Faculty of Social Sciences and ZJU’s School of Public Affairs co-establish the joint research centre for Smart Government
Jul 13 | Tue

The University of Macau (UM) and Zhejiang University (ZJU) held a plaque unveiling ceremony for their Joint Research Ce ...

FSS scholars invited to attend poster design exhibition to celebrate CPC’s centenary
Jul 02 | Fri

Prof Lampo Leong, Centre of Arts and Design of FSS and doctoral student Yang Chao participated in an exhibition titled ...

Angus C. CHU (朱智豪)
Jul 05 | Mon +853 8822 8363 Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS) University of Macau Avenida da Universidade, Taip ...

Dean Weixing HU invited to make a speech on the seminar of the Xi Jinping Thought on Diplomacy
Jul 01 | Thu

為慶祝中國共產黨建黨一百周年,外交部駐澳門特派員公署日前主辦"習近平外交思想研討會",社會各界約一百人出席。外交部駐澳特派員劉顯法表示,在習近平外交思想指引下,中國外交取得了歷史性成就,涉澳外交亦在國家總體外交佈局下開拓進取,為澳門"一國 ...

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