Russian Centre Zoom Guest Lecture — Russian Culture: Tradition and Innovation

Date:20/09/2022 (Tues)
Speaker:Prof. Yong WANG, Zhejiang University

Abstract: As a multi-ethnic country that straddles the Eurasian continent, Russia absorbs various ethnic groups in the process of cultural integration. Influenced by Byzantine, Western European and Eastern culture, Russian culture is unique and complex. While cherishing their cultural heritage, Russians are also imaginative and innovative when dealing with traditional culture, which has made valuable contributions to the world culture. This lecture will start with the formation of the Russian state, and provide an outline of how Russian cultural traditions were developed, and then introduce recent innovations in the fields of science and technology, literature, and art.

Bio: Professor Yong WANG received her PhD degree at Beijing Foreign Studies University in 2002. She joined Zhejiang University in 1988. Her research interests concentrate on Russian literature, quantitative linguistics, and Russian arts. She has published more than 70 journal articles and two monographs, translated four and edited eight books. Her research projects have been funded by national and provincial Social Science Foundations. Her representative work includes “The Network of “World Culture” in O. Mandelshtam’s Stone (2017)”, “Quantitative Studies of Foreign Literature: Background, Development and Approach (2021)”, “On the implied meaning of modal particles in Russian (2008)” etc.

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