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TDM澳廣視採訪連結: 澳大社會科學學院院長胡偉星接受澳廣視新聞台訪問時指出,現在的全球治理形式發生了一些新的變化。正如國家主席習近平早前提過,人們現正處 ...

UM-FSS holds seminar on relations between China and lusophone countries

澳廣視採訪連結: 澳門大學社會科學學院舉辦「新形勢下全球治理與中國—葡語國家關係發展」研討會,邀請到來自中國社會科學院、澳門大學、香港中文大學(深圳)、澳 ...


Message From the Director

Prof. Richard Weixing HU
Director of the Institute of Global and Public Affairs

Institute of Global and Public Affairs (IGPA) was created and put into operation in Fall 2014. The purpose of IGPA is to provide an interdisciplinary and multidimensional platform for the promotion and facilitation of teaching, research and institutional exchanges on various local, national, regional, international, and global issues among scholars, students, professionals and policy makers at the University of Macau, Greater China, East Asia, Europe and North America. It also aims at serving as a regional hub facilitating scholarly exchange and policy dialogue in Macau, Hong Kong, South China, Southeast Asia and East Asia.

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