The University of Macau (UM) earlier submitted 13 entries to a national art show for college students, including five art performances, two photography works, two microfilms, two paintings, and two designs. Out of the 13 entries, FSS won awards in different categories, including the first prize and first prize for instructor for <Dice>,  the second prize and second prize for instructor for  <Good Luck for Spring>, and three third prizes for <Only Him>, <Mode Series No.6> and <Harmony>.

UM was the only university in Macao to be selected for the art show, and all its three performances were awarded the first prize by the Ministry of Education. The Macao Special Administrative Region was also awarded the Outstanding Organisation Award for its assistance in arranging for universities to participate in the event. The event was sponsored by the Education and Youth Development Bureau of the Macao SAR, which partially subsidised the travel expenses of the eight students who participated in the show.

Source: University of Macau