The book “Betting on Macau: Casino Capitalism and China’s Consumer Revolution” by Professor Tim Simpson, associate professor of the Department of Communication, FSS, was officially published by the University of Minnesota Press. The book explores the transformation of Macau into the world’s most lucrative casino city thanks to its gaming industry, and the city’s role in China’s transformation into the world’s largest consumer society.

《Betting on Macau: Casino Capitalism and China’s Consumer Revolution》

Simpson’s book focuses on the socio-economic development of Macau over the past 20 years, during which Macau has developed into one of the richest regions in the world. In addition, he also conducts research on contemporary Macao against the background of Macao’s history as a Portuguese territory for nearly five and a half centuries, and focuses on its key role in the emergence of global capitalism in the 16th century, allowing readers to understand Macao’s recent role on the global stage. The re-emergence is a continuation of early economic functions.

Tim Simpson

The book mainly analyzes Macau’s new urban look, including large-scale integrated resorts and dream-themed environments, two of which are the largest buildings in the world. Simpson also discussed the role of this environment in developing China’s tourism industry.