Students from the Department of Communication held a book launch event for their capstone graduation project titled City Walk in Macau (Communicator 2024). Through this publication, the students aimed to challenge traditional learning approaches and mindsets, thus promoting strolling as an effective way to study the city of Macao and drawing attention to the act of walking in cities.
City Walk in Macau consists of 20 articles divided into five sections: Livelihood, Intoxication, Roots, Culture, and Corner. Through interviews with ordinary citizens, experts and scholars, as well as in-depth readings and analysis of old newspapers and historical documents, the students present articles that unveil stories about the industry, entertainment industry, Southeast Asian Chinese community, culture, and Ká Hó village in Macao, all through the lens of five distinct walking paths.
Elory Kuang, editor and student from the Department of Communication, highlighted that this year’s publication differs from the previous magazine format as it is presented as a portable book. The book includes sketches of landscapes and traces of street corners, allowing readers to carry it while exploring the city—a symbol of ‘city in the book’. UM alumnus Danny Su expressed his intention to visit the routes detailed in the book.
Starting from February, City Walk in Macau will be distributed to different libraries in Macao. Interested individuals are welcome to borrow the book. The electronic version can be viewed at https://online.fliphtml5.com/nflqs/abhx/.
Communicator is the capstone graduation project for fourth-year students of the Department of Communication in UM’s Faculty of Social Sciences. Since its inception in 2001, a total of 22 issues have been published. The publication explores various social and cultural issues in Macao, reflecting students’ observations, understanding, and affection for Macao.