Students specializing in Creative Media within the Department of Communication will be screening 5 films they produced this semester at 7pm on April 25th in the Student Union Theatre (E31). The theme of this screening is “New Realism.” This concept is inspired by the Neo-realist tradition of filmmaking that began in the 1940s in Italy and has since influenced filmmakers around the world. With their own original scripts these students have looked to tell stories about the new challenges and realities that their generation is facing.

Each one of these original short films also addresses unique topics and concerns from the pressure to succeed felt by students to the pressures faced by women at work and at home.

After the screening on Thursday April 25th there will be a Q and A with the filmmakers where the audience can learn more about the thoughts and motivations behind these films.

All are welcome to this public screening. We hope to see you there!


i am here

A prosaic marriage deprives Zhang Li of the feeling of her surroundings. Life for her is nothing more than a mechanical copy of the previous day. However, the stagnant water surface is rippled by a chance encounter. As life splashes with riffles, and the waves push away, Zhang Li sees another possibility for herself.


A determined young man carries the weight of his father’s expectations, constantly striving to become the person his family desires him to be. However, he begins to lose himself, unable to authentically express his dreams and passions. Faced with this sense of loss, his journey is filled with setbacks, confusion, and sacrifices; but he also discovers his inner resilience and courage as he attempts to reclaim a life that is truly his own.

Hear the Wind Sing

“Hear the wind sing” is a tragic love story. Due to difficulties in her childhood, Fan has always yearned for a complete family. Fortunately, she meets the right person and they are about to be married. However, an unexpected tragedy shatters their world. Her fiancé passes away suddenly plunging her into endless despair. She is unable to accept his departure so her friends choose not to reveal the truth to her. Instead, they decide to deceive her in order to fulfill her and her fiancé’s final wish.

Private Love

Have you ever heard of the laws of parallel and intersecting lines? Parallel lines are sad because they never intersect; intersecting lines are heartbreaking because they intersect and then drift apart. People must move forward, and there are many lines ahead. Assuming that there is only one chance for them to intersect, would you prefer to get infinitely closer without intersecting, or would you prefer to break off after a short intersection?

Pupal Phase

Bar owner and amateur novelist Si investigates the story of a missing girl named Lan in order to write a new novel. Along the way, Si collects information about Lan’s relatives, friends and her past in order to solve the mystery of her disappearance step by step. Si also begins to understand Lan’s motivations and understands the dilemma Lan faced. She tries to bring attention to her memory.