The newly released book The Palgrave Handbook of Globalization with Chinese Characteristics, co-authored by Francisco Leandro, Associate Professor in the Department of Government and Public Administration at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Macau, has been officially published. The book offers a comprehensive analysis of the Belt and Road Initiative (B&RI) and its role in enhancing China’s international influence and globalization. The book delves into various interdisciplinary topics such as digital corridors, artificial intelligence, and the health Silk Road.

The book presents various perspectives on globalization and multilateralism with Chinese characteristics. Its originality is derived from the hybrid approaches the handbook takes, where chapters provide complementary, intertwined, and multi-level analysis on the topic. Drawing on contributions from scholars and practitioners worldwide, the book provides insightful perspectives on the evolving discussions around the Belt and Road Initiative and global governance. It captures the dynamic shifts in global power balances, highlighting the divergent viewpoints and contrasts in norms, standards, values, and narratives between Western and Chinese approaches.