Prof. Daina Chiba, an associate professor of the Department of Government and Public Administration of FSS of UM,  has been appointed as co-editor of the SSCI-indexed academic journal, Conflict Management and Peace Science (CMPS). This journal, which is affiliated with the Peace Science Society (International), stands at the forefront of disseminating peer-reviewed research dedicated to the scientific analysis of conflict and peace. Prof. Chiba will bring his expertise to the publication, serving a three-year term alongside a distinguished editorial team based in Europe and Asia.

Prof. Chiba’s involvement with CMPS is a testament to his commitment to advancing the field of peace science. As a co-editor, Prof. Chiba will be instrumental in shaping the dialogue and direction of contemporary research in this area. His role will involve rigorous evaluation and curation of scholarly papers that seek to deepen our understanding of conflict dynamics and the pathways to peace.