Professor Lampo Leong, Distinguished Professor of the Department of Communication and Director of the Centre for Arts and Design, won the “China National Arts Fund” for his work “From the Great Road to Simplicity: The International Aesthetic Expansion of Traditional Ink Painting Art”. This is the only national art fund awarded to artists by the central government, hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Leong’s work is the only art creation project in the Macao SAR to receive this fund in 2022.

Leong’s contemporary ink art uses the abstract geometric structure of Western modern art to enhance the visual impact, extend the vocabulary of traditional ink and promote the evolution of ink art towards abstraction and post-modernity. Through the shuttle, collision and interweaving of water and ink, his paintings create explosive and dynamic brush strokes and rich and powerful life tension, as well as a dense, chaotic, broad and brilliant cosmic atmosphere, pursuing the majestic and profound philosophy of Lao and Zhuang. The majestic and high-spirited spirit, as well as the vast realm of hardness and softness, and the blending of subject and object.