The Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS) of the University of Macau held a symposium earlier with a delegation from the China Institute of International Studies. The two sides discussed in depth the role of China’s “people-to-people diplomacy” in the new era, the differences in perceptions of “people-to-people diplomacy” between China and foreign countries, and how China should use “people-to-people diplomacy” helps official diplomacy.

Professor Richard Weixing Hu, Dean of FSS, and Wang Youming, Director of the Institute of Developing Countries at the China Institute of International Studies, respectively expressed their opinions on the development potential and opportunities of people-to-people exchanges between China and foreign countries.

The China Institute of International Studies is a professional research institution directly under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China and a national high-end think tank pilot unit. It mainly conducts medium- and long-term strategic research on major issues in the fields of current international politics and world economy. It also conducts timely analysis of important practical and hot issues in international affairs and puts forward opinions and suggestions for reference in decision-making by the central government.