“1st Macao Secondary School Economics Competition”, organized by the Department of Economics, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Macau, and co-organized with Pui Ching Middle School, was held on 3 May 2019 at the University of Macau.


The Competition intended to provide a platform for local secondary school students to enhance their interests in Economics as well as raising their awareness on economic issues inside and beyond Macao.


Students from Pui Ching Middle School presented their ideas on current economic issues of Macao including tourism, traffic congestion, aging population and public medical expenses.


UM Vice Rector (Student Affairs) Billy Kee Long SO remarked economics knowledge played an important role in helping to improve standard of living. Furthermore, training in economics could stimulate individuals’ rational choice and facilitate optimal allocation of social resources. Prof. SO added that this Competition could enable local secondary school students to better understand local socio-economic development, as well as university life.


Pui Ching Middle School Vice-principal Keng Man KUOK pointed out that students can broaden their horizons and benefit a lot by participating this Competition. He also expressed his wish that more talents in economics and finance could be groomed, and economics education could be facilitated through the collaboration between local universities and secondary schools.