Lisa Xiaoqin, LI 李小勤

Assistant Professor

Administrative Roles
Programme Coordinator of Master of Arts in Communication (Communication and New Media)
Chair, MA Steering Committee
Member, Departmental Executive Committee

2019 (Co-Author). Outstanding Paper Award (Faculty), recognized by SJTU-ICA. 2019 the International New Media Forum Affiliated with ICA. “Community interaction and boundary spanning of Generation Z: From the perspective of cultural integration (In Chinese). Shanghai, China. 《文化融合視域下網生代的社群互動與邊界跨越》徐敏,李小勤。榮獲上海交通大學–國際傳播學會(ICA)2019新媒體國際論壇優秀論文獎(教師類),中國上海,2019年10月26日。

2019 Third Place Faculty Paper (Tie) by AEJMC & WJEC. “ Play Niche: Lifestyle media production in the digital age in China” in a Special Research Competition sponsored by AEJMC at the Fifth World Journalism Education Congress (WJEC),Paris, France July 2019

2006 Top Faculty Paper of China Forum on Mass Communication, Shenzhen, China,Aug. 2006. 李小勤 (2006年8月)。<中国传媒对“他者”的再现:《南方周末》的农民(工)报道之内容分析,1984-2002年>。中国新闻教育学会传播学分会、国际中华传播学会、复旦大学信息与传播研究中心、复旦大学新闻学院、深圳大学传媒与文化发展研究中心:2006中国传播学论坛優秀論文獎。