One-semester Exchange to University of Coimbra, Portugal
Exchange Period: Fall Semester 2024

Information about University of Coimbra
To study at the University of Coimbra is to pursue the intellectual history of the country in the school that graduated some of the most distinguished personalities of national culture, science and politics.

Useful Info

Estimated Costs for One-Semester Exchange (Around 5 Months)
Students will pay their tuition fees to the University of Macau (no further tuition costs will be charged by the partner University) and meet all the expenses associated with this exchange, such as but not limited to, air tickets, visa application fee, boarding fee, subsistence etc.

Who can apply for this exchange program?
All FSS Master students with a CGPA greater than 3.3 (CGPA slightly below is acceptable) are eligible to apply. Candidates must have completed ALL of the UM courses in UM by the start date of the exchange period.

Application Period
11 – 19 January 2024

Fill in the requested information via the online application system ( together with the following documents:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Any other supportive documents (such as cover letter, language proficiency certificates, etc.) that will help you get into this program.

Important Notes for Exchange Students

  • They must obtain comprehensive insurance and complete at least 2 doses of COVID-19 vaccination prior to the departure (at students own expenses)
  • They need to sign a Participant Declaration before departure
  • They have to read the “Rules for Semester-based Outgoing Exchange Programmes” and pay attention to the credits requirement.
  • They are acknowledged that the course arrangement during exchange study is subject to change and it is not guaranteed that the credit transfer could be made.

For inquiries, please contact:
Ms. Maisy Chao / Ms. Miranda Lei
Room 4031, Humanities and Social Sciences Building (E21B)
Tel: 8822 4018 / 8822 8342