傳播系研討會: Who’s afraid of the big bad fake news

講者: 郭中實教授, 傳理學院傳播系,香港浸會大學

日期:2024年2月22日 (星期四)

時間:13:00 – 14:00

地點: E21B-G002

內容: Many people care enough about fake news to harbor strong personal convictions about it, although the bases for these convictions either way are often quite wobbly. I will share my views on this trendy issue du jour by pointing out what we all know to be true but tend to forget when thinking and talking about fake news. My talk will be sprinkled with bits of heresy here and there, which may sabotage some of your existing beliefs and make you look at fake news differently next time it pops up in the press or parties.