Message from the Interim Dean – Prof. Lionel NI

Welcome to the Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS) at the University of Macau (UM)!

Macao has undergone significant changes in recent years; it is on a rapid rise to become a sophisticated metropolis embracing many modern developments. Nevertheless, Macao’s old and unique cultural heritage of “East meets West” is still firmly etched in the city’s fabric of life.  Against this historical setting, the University of Macau has flourished as a premier institution of higher education, nurturing students to become leaders with a sound academic background, an innovative and open mind that can appreciate different cultures and viewpoints, and a caring attitude for creating a better society.

Social Sciences are among the most important and interesting subjects to study.  Human behavior is both complex and fascinating.  Through the study of social sciences, one can gain a deeper understanding of the underlying causes and patterns of human interactions, which are essential for improving human lives and solving society’s problems.  Here at FSS, we offer a wide range of PhD, Masters and undergraduate programmes in our six departments:  Communications, Economics, Government and Public Relations, History, Psychology and Sociology.  Our dedicated team of faculty members and staff stands ready to provide our students with an excellent education and a well-rounded learning experience, enabling them to become high-calibre individuals with effective and responsible citizenship.

FSS also aims to foster research excellence, community service and international exchanges.  Through a learner-centered approach to education, FSS contributes to UM’s goal of whole person education and of nurturing talents at different levels and for various fields.

The future is bright for UM with the strong support of the local government and the motherland. With a state-of-the-art campus, committed faculty members and staff, and the largest residential college system in Asia, UM and FSS are poised to achieve even greater academic success and provide further contributions to society.

Our Faculty is located at the heart of the campus.  We warmly welcome you to visit and explore the exciting academic and research opportunities that we have to offer.